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When it comes to our health we should always put safety first. The same goes for our teeth. Some people are concerned about having dental implants as they worry if they are safe or not.

dental-implants-in-bromleyDental implants have been around for over thirty years in their current format, tried and tested, and are very safe and durable. Dental implants in Kent are popular because they are a well-established treatment with much market research behind them. Of course as with everything, the standard to which you look after your dental implants will have a significant effect of how long they last over time.

If you neglect your oral health once the dental implants have been fitted then there is a risk of developing a coating on the teeth, which can lead to a gum infection or problems with the teeth. If you look after them well, arrange maintenance appointments, and you have strong bone to attach them to in the first place, there is no reason for them not to last for many, many years.

At Dental Implants Bromley, Kent, dental implants are one of our most popular procedures, with many people coming to us for help with damaged teeth.

Do dental implants hurt?

People are sometimes put off by the thought that dental implants are painful; however they can often be a lot less painful than removing an existing tooth. When you come for dental implants in Kent you will receive a simple, local anaesthetic to numb the surrounding area and the implant will be fitted. As with any anaesthetic, you may feel some discomfort after it wears off, but this should not last for more than a couple of days, and will not be debilitating.

If you are a particularly nervous patient, your dentist may wish to give you a mild sedative in order to calm your nerves and allow them to carry out the procedure. There is not normally a need to use general anaesthetic, and this only happens in very rare, complicated cases. If this is required in order to fit the dental implants, you will be admitted to hospital for correct observation.