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Are you interested in dental implants for missing teeth, but worried you may not have enough bone to support them? Perhaps you’ve been wearing removable dentures for many years, or have been told by another dentist that you’ve suffered bone loss, so aren’t suitable for implant treatment?

dental implantsDon’t despair. In many cases it is still possible for you to have successful dental implants. You may just need a procedure called a bone graft to rebuild your jawbone first. At our practice, Dr Ash Deved has carried out many bone grafting procedures, helping patients get the smile they deserve.

We appreciate that “bone grafting” sounds like a major procedure, but it’s not actually as invasive as it sounds. While in the past actual bone from a patient’s own chin, back of the mouth, or hip was used in bone grafting procedures, we have discovered that equally good results can be achieved using a calcium-based synthetic product. This is not of animal origin, so is suitable for patients who are vegan or do not like the thought of using animal products. It’s very effective, and is what we use in all of our bone grafting work.

If bone grafting is suitable in your case, Dr Ash will skilfully and precisely place this calcium-based material in your jawbone, which can be done under sedation. The calcium material will mesh with the existing bone, providing a scaffold on which new cells will develop during bone regeneration. Often, a special membrane is used to protect the bone graft and help encourage this regeneration.

Your bone will then be left for a healing period while the regeneration takes place. Once this healing period is complete, you will be ready to receive your dental implants. In some cases we will place more of the calcium-based materials around the implants to ensure that enough bone forms around them to support them, increasing your chances of successful treatment.