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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest-growing health and beauty industries in the world. Many people are unhappy with how their teeth or smile looks, but gone are the days when there was little that could be done about it unless you were a Hollywood star, a professional footballer or otherwise super-rich.

dental implants bromelyThese days, cosmetic dental treatments are a lot more affordable and accessible to everyday people. Cosmetic treatments are safe, well-tested and can have huge benefits not just for your smile but for your emotional wellbeing, with improved confidence and self-esteem among the side effects, and can also boost your dental health. An investment in your smile could just be the best investment you’ll ever make. . .

Cosmetic dentistry focusses on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, gums and smile. Many of the treatments also have significant oral health benefits – for example, if your teeth are badly worn or broken, crowns can restore your tooth, making your smile more attractive at the same time as preventing extra strain being put on other teeth. Crooked teeth or teeth that are misaligned (don’t meet properly) can be difficult to clean, leading to decay and gum disease, but can be fixed with discreet or invisible braces and aligners.

There are lots of cosmetic treatments available at our practice, including:

·         Veneers

·         Crowns and bridges

·         White fillings

·         Teeth whitening

·         Inlays and onlays

For missing teeth, dental implants are a fantastic long-term solution and the only solution that actually promotes bone growth by integrating with your jaw bone.

Dental implants are small metal screws that are placed in your jaw bone and used to support permanent replacement teeth in the form of crowns, dentures or bridges. Over time they integrate with the bone, helping to prevent bone loss. Principal dentist Dr Ashish Deved has a special interest in implantology and has treated many happy patients. To find out more, visit our Dental Implant pages or contact the practice reception.