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With the help of dental implants, you can wave goodbye to loose dentures once and for all. At All Smiles in Kent, our skilled implant dentist can help to give your smile a more secure future, with no need for messy pastes and no social anxiety about your dentures falling out in public. We have assisted many patients in this way, and believe it is an excellent treatment option for those who wear dentures.

Why dentures can cause problems

dental-implants-bromelyDentists have used dentures for many years to replace patients’ missing teeth. While modern dentures are comfortable, effective and aesthetically pleasing, they do still have a tendency to become loose over time. This happens because, while standard dentures replace the crowns of teeth, they do not replace the root. Without the root in place, the jaw bone starts to resorb or shrink back, which makes previously well-fitting dentures become loose and uncomfortable. As well as the worry of them falling out in public, loose dentures make eating and even speaking difficult.

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Your dentist can place implants and affix your dentures to them, so you need never worry about them becoming loose again. They are made from titanium, which is chosen because it is highly compatible with the human body, and fuse with the bone over time, helping to prevent bone loss.

The placement of dental implants requires a minor operation, which is carried out either under local anaesthetic or sedation here at our Kent practice. For denture stabilisation, your dentist will usually place between four and eight implants, which are enough to support a full arch of dentures and to withstand the forces created by biting and chewing.

After your implants are placed a healing period is required, after which you will be called back to our Kent clinic to have your dentures attached. You can still take them out to clean, but they will not pop out unexpectedly.