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Our smiles are one of the most noticeable features we have, and very often our confidence is directly linked to the way we feel about our teeth. How often have you taken a picture with your mouth closed, because you didn’t like the way your teeth looked?

Here at the All Smiles Dental Implant Centre in Bromley, we see many patients who suffer from missing teeth, due to a wide range of causes – from abnormalities to accidents. Their confidence is often low, feeling like they do not have any options, or that the few options available will be terrifying.

Dr Ash Deved, the implant surgeon at All Smiles, is a highly trained professional, who not only provides a wide range of implant treatments for his patients in Bromley and the surrounding areas, he also cares deeply about their comfort. He can resolve a variety of cases, from a single tooth to a whole set of fixed teeth.

Are you nervous?

Dental treatments are regularly thought of as being scary procedures with sharp instruments, but nervous patients should know that their concerns can easily be addressed.

Patients at the All Smiles Dental Clinic Implant Centre are offered sedation – which is administered from a dedicated anaesthetist, and allows patients to experience a relaxed state throughout the procedure. Unlike a general anaesthetic, if you are under IV Sedation you will breathe on your own and feel very relaxed during the procedure, but will not remember anything from the treatment – only the fabulous results.

Another method for nervous patients, is the use of the Wand – for painless injections.

Get in touch

If you are thinking about replacing missing teeth, and are looking for a dentist who can provide the type of environment which will look after all your needs, get in touch with All Smiles Dental in Bromley – their wide range of treatments, as well as their Implant Centre, offer patients a complete experience that will put the smile back on your face.