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If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be the perfect way to replace them. At All Smiles in Bromley our implant dentist can treat even the most complex of cases, where bone loss has occurred, giving you back not just a beautiful smile but also full functionality, and the ability to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

How dental implants work

dental implants bromelyDental implants replace the root of one or more teeth. The roots beneath the gum line are just as important to good oral health as the crowns we can see. Implants are currently the only way to replace tooth roots.

Your implants will be placed in a minor operation here in the comfort of our modern Kent dental clinic. Most people require only a local anaesthetic to have implants placed, although we do offer treatment under sedation if you are nervous or phobic about visiting the dentist. While you will still be awake and able to cooperate with instructions, you will be largely unaware of treatment, will feel no pain, and will remember little to nothing about the procedure afterwards.

After a couple of months, during which time healing takes place and the implants mesh with the jaw bone, your dentist will call you back to our Kent practice to have your permanent new teeth fitted. For one missing tooth it is usual to place one implant and one crown, whilst for several or all missing teeth one or more implants and a bridge or denture will be used.

The biggest benefit of dental implants to replace missing teeth is that they are permanent. With proper care they will last you many years – in many cases a lifetime. You will be able to eat whatever you like and to smile with confidence once more.