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Missing Multiple Teeth?

If you have lost all of your teeth, or your remaining teeth are in such a condition that they need to be removed, our full mouth dental implants may be the perfect solution. There are two implant options for patients who have lost all of their teeth: implant-secured dentures and full-mouth implants.

When teeth have been missing for some time, for example if you have been wearing full dentures for many years, or if you have suffered previous infection or serious gum disease, you may need a bone graft before implant surgery. This will be discussed at your initial implant consultation.

Before getting a full mouth restoration, you will have a consultation and will be provided with a treatment plan. We use the Simplant computer-guided implant treatment system, which is a proper surgical guide enabling precise placements of the implants in the jaw bone, combined with a CT scan of the jaw, avoiding the risk of nerve damage.

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Implant secured dentures

For implant secured dentures, we will carefully place at least four implants in the upper jaw and two to three implants in the lower jaw. Small attachments called locators are placed on top of the implant, enabling the dentures to be locked securely onto the implants. All of our implant work is of surgical standard and all implants are precisely placed in predetermined locations.

The implants act like the roots of natural teeth and integrate with the jaw bone, preventing the problem of bone degeneration.

After healing, the dentures can then be securely attached to the locators, which are very easy to clean – we will show you how to do this.

Implants for fixed teeth

So long as you have enough bone density to support dental implants for fixed teeth, we will place between six and eight implants in each jaw. These implants act in the same way as tooth roots, but can support more than one replacement tooth, often in the form of a fixed bridge.

The implants are securely placed in your jaw, using our precisely fabricated surgical guide based on computer-aided implant software and CT scans of your jaw. Replacement teeth are then attached securely to these implants.

You will then be shown how to clean around the implants, and regular review appointments will be made to ensure we are monitoring your progress.

What Patients Say About Dr Ash

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The treatment and care I received from Dr Ashish Deved for my implant was first class. Ash talked me through each step of the process and the implant looks and feels just like the real tooth it replaced.

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The implant has never caused me any pain or discomfort and has maintained my dental health by providing support for the adjoining teeth.

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As nervous as I was initially and worry about the financial cost of this implant I never thought that I was going to do it. Now I am very please that I took the decision to come to see you


Multiple teeth implants

Dental implants can also be used to replace several adjacent missing teeth. You may have one implant for each tooth, but it’s also often possible to join implants together, meaning you have fewer implants than artificial teeth. This is a faster and more affordable solution for patients with several missing teeth. If this is an option for you, we will discuss it at your initial consultation.

Other treatments, such as dental bridges, can put additional strain on any remaining teeth you may have. Some patients may not have enough remaining teeth to support a bridge, while unsecured dentures can cause difficulty biting and chewing. Multiple tooth implants are an effective solution in many cases.

It’s particularly important to replace all teeth in the case of molars (back teeth). Missing molar teeth make chewing food difficult, and place extra strain on your front teeth, which will cause them damage.

The procedure for more than one dental implant is the same as for a single implant. Your appointment times will be longer depending how many implants you are having fitted.

It is also possible in many cases to replace all teeth with implants in a full-mouth procedure.

Attaching crowns, bridges or dentures

After your implants have been fitted, you will need a few weeks for them to heal and start bonding with the jaw bone and structures of your mouth. After a few weeks we will book you in for another appointment to have your crowns, dentures or bridges fitted to your implants. In the interim you will have temporary coverings for the implants fitted so that you are never left with gaps in your mouth.

We will take impressions of your mouth to enable our skilled laboratory technicians to create your custom-made implant crowns, bridges or dentures. This may take more than one appointment to ensure complete accuracy.

Indeed, accuracy is vital at all parts of dental implant surgery, so we use the latest technology and supporting information from x-rays and photographs to make sure you get the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

We will make sure that your new teeth closely match the shade of your existing teeth. Implant-attached crowns and bridges are non-removable, while implant-retained dentures can be removed for cleaning. We’ll show you how to do this once your denture is complete.

After your crowns, bridge or dentures have been fitted, we’ll see you for another appointment after a few weeks to make sure that you are happy with everything and you’ve got the smile you wanted. So long as you follow appropriate aftercare, your implants should last you many years – in many cases they’ll last for the rest of your life.

Before and After Multiple Tooth Implants By Dr Ash

Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants
Before And After Multiple tooth implants