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Has fear of the dentist caused you to neglect your teeth? If so, you are not alone; fear is the main reason UK patients give for putting off seeking dental treatment. Often, they stay away so long that their oral health starts to suffer, even in some cases losing teeth.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may be feeling trapped in a catch 22 situation. Some of your teeth may have fallen out, or they may be badly decayed, loose and painful. However, your fear of the dentist may still be preventing you seeking help, leaving you struggling with a smile you don’t want to show off and gaps in your mouth that affect your diet and even your speech. You’ve heard of dental implants and other tooth replacement solutions, and while you’d love to have your smile back you just can’t envisage yourself attending a dental appointment.

Dr Ash Deved can help. He is highly experienced in treating nervous and phobic patients – you can read many testimonials from nervous patients just like you for a first-hand account of how Dr Ash has helped.

We offer treatment under sedation, which means you are awake and able to cooperate with the dentist, but largely unaware of treatment. You also won’t experience any pain. We have an in-house anaesthetist, Dr Mano, who will sedate patients within safe guidelines, using IV sedation. He will monitor you during treatment, and is also our Resuscitation Officer, with full resuscitation facilities at the practice in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Dr Ash is highly experienced and qualified in providing tooth replacements, with dental implants being the best solution for many patients. In order to have successful dental implant treatment, you do need to have good oral health, so if you haven’t visited the dentist in a long time you may need treatment for gum disease or other conditions first.

This will all be discussed at your initial implant consultation, where we will also fully discuss your sedation requirements. We will also provide you with a full, detailed treatment plan.

Don’t let fear stop you having the smile you deserve – contact us today to discuss how we can help nervous patients.