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Are You Missing A Single Tooth?

Losing a tooth can be devastating. You can feel self-conscious and suffer a lack of self-esteem. Did you know that your tooth could be replaced quickly and easily with a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that integrates perfectly into your gum tissue, just where the root of your tooth would sit. Here’s how it works:

1. The screw will be surgically placed directly into your jaw by your dentist. Its shape and material is optimal for close contact and ultimately fusion with bone, providing maximum stability later on.

2. Depending on the condition of your mouth and jawbone, the implant ‘abutment’ (the crown or bridge that fits onto the screw) may be added immediately after the screw is inserted, or sometimes it may be added at a later date. It will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth in colour and shape.

3. Either way, there will be some healing time. The screw will slowly mesh with the bone, becoming a natural component of your jaw.

Your implant will look and feel exactly like a normal tooth: no one will ever know, and even you might forget! You will still be able to bite and chew normally, and the bone in your jaw will remain intact over time.

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  • Dr Ash is medical doctor as well as a dentist
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  • Dedicated and committed team
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Life Benefits:

  • Your perfect smile will enhance your confidence
  • No need to hold back your laughter
  • No need to restrict your choice of foods
  • You will never see yourself without teeth ever again!
  • A beautiful, natural smile that is all your own
  • The reassuring knowledge that your implant will last you a lifetime
  • Full function restored, which means freedom for you
  • Bone density will be maintained and so will the structure of your face

Before And After Single Tooth Cases Completed By Dr Ash

Dental implants Orpington
Dental implants Hazelwood
Before and after of single tooth implant
Before and after of single tooth implant
Sevenoaks Before and after of single tooth implant
Dental implants Orpington Before and after of single tooth implant
Dental implants Hazelwood Before and after of single tooth implant
Before and after of single tooth implant
Before and after of single tooth implant
Dental Implants Sevenoaks

Replacing a Single tooth with Dental Implant in Kent

For a single dental implant, we will use the results of our assessments to carefully and accurately place the implant in your mouth.

Under local anaesthetic your implant surgeon will make a precisely-positioned hole in your jaw and will securely place the titanium implant post. Although this is a surgical procedure, most patients report that it is far less traumatic than having a tooth extracted. Many patients are surprised how little discomfort they feel after implant surgery; if you do experience mild discomfort this can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers from your pharmacist.

If the implant is visible near the front of your mouth, we can fit a temporary tooth so you won’t be left with a gap. You may also have some stitches, which in most cases will dissolve on their own. We’ll provide you with a detailed care sheet explaining how to clean and look after your implant. After a period of healing, we can then attach a crown or bridge to your implant.

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