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If you have been missing teeth from your upper jaw for many years, you may think you are not suitable for dental implants. However, thanks to our advanced skills and techniques, we’ve been able to help many patients in this situation with the aid of a procedure called a sinus lift.

sinus liftWhether you’ve worn removable upper-arch dentures for a long time, or have had gaps in your mouth where teeth have been lost, it is likely that upper jawbone will have receded. This can give your face a sunken appearance, and make placing dental implants difficult. You may even have been told that this makes you unsuitable for implant treatment. But in our experience, many patients in this position can in fact still benefit from dental implants – they just need to have a sinus lift first.

A sinus lift is similar to a bone graft procedure, with the goal being to regenerate your bone to successfully receive dental implants. Sinus lifts makes use of the contours of your face and involves gently lifting the sinus membrane and placing osteoconductive material (material that facilitates bone growth) there to allow new bone to grow.

Before performing a sinus lift, we will carefully check that you are suitable for the procedure. We will carry out a number of tests, including a CT scan, because we will only carry out this procedure if it is safe to do so. So long as you are suitable for treatment, it will be carried out under general anaesthetic by your dentist.

Although it is traditional to use bone from another site within a patient’s body, we prefer to use a calcium-based synthetic material (not of human or animal origin), which we find to be just as effective at supporting bone regeneration.

After a period of healing, you will be ready to receive your dental implants.