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When I first went to All Smiles Dental Practice I was looking into the possibility of implant treatment/minor cosmetic work. My teeth were a mess; a mismatch of old crowns and a dental bridge replacing my top three front teeth which was feeling loose and uncomfortable. My gum above the bridge had started to recede showing a nasty black colouring from the base of adjoining crowns, making me feel very self-conscious when talking or smiling.

At All Smiles Dental, Dr Ash Deved was very understanding and knowledgeable. He explored various options and his advice for me to replace the fractured bridge with implants was taken with full discussion and explanation of what and how things would be done. I needed quite a lot of appointments over a number of months which was a bit daunting, but Ash kept me fully informed along the way and his confidence and competence made me feel assured and relaxed and in safe hands. He is great with a needle and treatment was relatively painless and therefore reduced my anxiety and in addition he was fully cognisant of my minor heart problems and took this under account with sound consultation, care and management at each stage of my treatment.

The outcome of my dental implant treatment is superb. I now have implants replacing my top three front teeth which look really natural and my gum above has improved considerably and now looks normal, pink and healthy with no obvious recession. With a few addition new crowns replacing the old, some whitening, and minor reshaping, and minor reshaping of a couple of teeth, I now have teeth that look and feel great. I am so pleased I went to All Smiles. Following my implants I am able to smile, talk, and eat with confidence once again. I would highly recommend Ash at All Smiles Dental for dental implants and other dental treatments.