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Dear Dr Ash,

I wanted to convey my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent service, high standard of treatment and most importantly high level of personal care that you and your team have given over the past few months. I’ve never had any major dental work since I was 18 years old and so the thought of an dental implant and complex surgery that goes with it was quite daunting, previous bad experiences were a contributing factor to this. I must say the level of precision and care are outstanding, this is also consistent with the beautiful and calming surroundings of the office which have obviously has had a lot of thought put into them. I also feel the fact that Dr Ash is a qualified physician as well as Dentist is also heartening that you are in excellent hands. This is also coupled with the fact that Dr Ash is a academic/researcher in dental surgery and is clearly passionate about area, which further says to me I am with the best person, who has the best credentials to the job well.