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You have decided to consider dental implants. So, what is your next step? You are likely to want as much information as possible before you go ahead and that’s where a visit to All Smiles Dental comes in. One of our team of dental professionals will be able to make an assessment of your mouth and your needs to tell you how the process will take place for you.

dental-implants-in-bromleyEveryone is different but we can also give you a brief overview of how it all works here. This gives you a place to start from when you are thinking about what you want and perhaps what questions you will ask at your consultation.

Dental implants – step by step

Let’s be clear about what a dental implant is first of all. Dental implants are designed to support prosthetic teeth of some kind perhaps in the form of a crown, bridge or dentures. They are located in the same place as your tooth root would be, in your jaw bone. They are often shaped like tiny screws and they fit into holes drilled by into the jaw bone by your dentist.

Once fitted, the dental implants will naturally stimulate the jaw bone to grow around them securing them in place. This is a process called osseointegration and it takes quite a few weeks to complete. While this is happening, it is important that you follow a soft diet with mainly liquid and soft foods so that you do not disturb the implants or the healing process. Due to this and several other factors, you do need to be in a good general state of health to have dental implants.

Once the healing is finished, you can have your choice of dental fixture attached to the implants. Some are fixed and others are removable but all of them benefit from the osseointegration. This allows the implants and any attachments to move naturally within the mouth and have the strength to make a full range of food choices again.

We look forward to seeing you at All Smiles Dental to discuss the process further and to joining you on your journey to a beautiful, functional smile.