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A sinus lift is required when a patient wants dental implants, but there isn’t sufficient bone available for the procedure. This lack of bone density can occur for many reasons, but most commonly it is with our long-term denture wearing patients. This is because after a period your jawbone will recede, making it difficult to place dental implants.

sinus-lift-in-bromleyNowadays, many more people are having lost teeth replaced with dental implants. The reason for this is that the process to replace lost teeth is easier and the materials available are more varied and much cheaper.

However, as more people seek to have their teeth replaced, there are also increased requirements for dental sinus lifts. A sinus lift is more simply explained as a bone graft onto which your new teeth can be securely attached.

How is it done?

At Dental Implants Bromley, the sinus lift procedure is common and straightforward. The most important element of the preparation from our dentist’s perspective is to ensure that your jawbone and sinus position are measured very accurately, which requires an X-ray.

In most procedures, our dentists will need to increase the thickness of the jawbone by several millimeters. They will cut and lift the gum to expose the bone and cut into the bone so that the sinus membrane is revealed. Once this has been done, our dentists will then graft the new bone material into the space between the membrane and the jawbone.

Where does the bone come from?

The bone used can come from various sources. It could come from a donor or a synthetic material. Alternatively, you can also use your own bone, which can be taken from areas such as your hip or shinbone.

How long does it take to heal?

Once the procedure has been completed and your gum has been stitched up again, it will take around nine months for the graft to take and to become strong enough to receive dental implants. Some patients can be ready for their implants in as little as six months. Every case is different, so get in touch with Dental Implants Bromley to find out more.