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Our practice accepts referrals for dental implants from dental practices in Kent and beyond.

Dr Ashish Deved is a dentist and medical doctor, one of only 20 holders of both qualifications in the UK. He qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1994 and in 1997 gained membership of the faculty of dental surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons. He went on to gain membership of its prestigious fellowship in 1999. After working in oral surgery for several years, Dr Deved graduated as a medical doctor from St Bartholomew’s and Royal London Hospitals in 2002. Always keen to further his knowledge and education, he has completed a comprehensive course in cosmetic dentistry and has gained the Diploma in Implantology from the Royal College of Surgeons.

He completed the Diploma in Advanced Restorative Dentistry at the Eastmans Dental Institute in London in August 2013. His main area of interest is Oral Surgical Procedures and Implantology, with a keen area of interest in precision-guided implant placement using CT-guided surgical stents.

To keep up with his medical practice, he works regularly as Senior House Officer in emergency medicine at the A&E Department of St Helier Hospital in Sutton.

Dr Deved is supported by an experienced team, including a fully qualified medical anaesthetist.

Dr Deved hosts a monthly training program, every 2nd or 3rd Monday of the month.

Testimonials from referring dentists

We initially asked Dr Ash Deved to help us provide an implant service to our patients after being struck by his friendly and approachable nature. It took us literally years to find someone we felt we could work with.
Ash helped our patients by offering them a quick consultation and very favourable fee scale, as a gesture of gratitude for referring patients to him.

Without exception our patients have been very thankful for the referrals, voicing their appreciation of his attention to detail and his “beyond the call of duty” empathetic care.

Ash further demonstrates his gratitude for the referrals by unselfishly giving his time to come over to our Practice with the patient to oversee every stage of the restorative phase, helping us to learn in the process and to benefit from his experience.
The collaboration with Ash has been rewarding for us and our patients in every way we could have wished for.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to colleagues.

Dr Sid Persaud

Dr Ashish Deved and I have worked together changing patient smiles. He is very professional, kind and caring towards our patients. Ash’s work is top quality and the results are great.

Dr Magda Kiczka BChD (Stell)

I am a GDP in Bromley and have now known Dr Ashish Deved for almost 9 yrs. In this time we have developed a good professional relationship as well as become friends.

It is my pleasure to relate my experiences to other colleagues.

Ash’s help and advice have been invaluable to my Practice; not only has he helped with treatment planning but has delivered complex Dental Implant solutions for my many satisfied patients.

Anyone looking to add complex Dental lmplant solutions to their patients need look no further; I have always found Ash approachable, professional and selfless in his desire to achieve a good outcome!

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to add an extra string to their bow!

Dr Khalid Faiz

My name is Ruxandra Popp and I have been working with Dr Ash Deved for a while now. I feel comfortable and safe working with Dr Deved. In this complex way of replacing missing teeth you always have two components: the surgical one and the restorative one. Both are equally important and, if you don’t have the same person doing both, then as a restorative dentist, you have to be confident that the surgical part was executed perfectly so that your restoration will not fail further down the line.

After working with Dr Deved for a while, I now have that confidence and I know for sure that any kind of treatment we undertake together will have a very high success rate – because not only is he an excellent surgeon, he is also a great restorative dentist who envisages the finished case from both a surgical and restorative point of view. He is a great friend and colleague, he offers support and advice to both patients and myself as often as we need it, he works with a remarkable dental technician and he is there for the patient as much as it is necessary.

Dr Deved is very good at planning/assessing each case from start to finish; he does not leave anything uncovered and takes all the necessary precautions to avoid complications in future. He is thorough, he does not cut corners or skip stages, he works to the highest possible standards and with the best possible equipment so that every stage is predictable. In this day and age when any dentist can do implants after a few days’ course, it is actually reassuring to know that you are working with someone who has put so much effort and training into what they do.

Of course, price is important to everyone but dentistry is not a supermarket and we should not encourage patients to think that way – this is a medical profession and you don’t just throw implants in here and there just because you have learned how to do that, it is a complex process which implies studying the case properly – anticipating the difficulties you may come up against clinically, working out the best way to restore that implant after it was placed to achieve the best outcome for the patient and, of course, to be able to guarantee to our patients as much as it is possible that they will have no complications, pain or any problems after treatment.

Dr Deved is always only a phone call away.

Dr Ruxandra Popp

I have known Dr Ash Deved for over 25 years; he is very highly qualified as both a doctor and a dentist, and has been continuing his postgraduate studies in great depth since qualifying as a dentist from Guy’s Hospital in 1993. His special interest is dental implants, and I have referred many patients to him over the years for oral surgery, sedation and implants. Ash is very meticulous about his work and very experienced in treating complex cases. I can highly recommend him and his team.

Dr Laura Newlove